[themestudio_title title=”Our Area of Interest”]We got this unique idea lately and are just starting with this areas of interest, should your technology not be in the list, a mail on your niche will also be great.[/themestudio_title]
[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style4″ ts_choose_image=”image” image_service=”1794″ ts_service_title=”What we own”]We want to make you sure that you have a real market share in Nigeria, and offering what we own, which is our terrain, market, culture, ethnicity dynamics that you may or may not be familiar with, your product can gain all the grounds in area of adaptability and customization to suit Nigerian people, market and African evolvement.[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style4″ ts_choose_image=”image” image_service=”1796″ ts_service_title=”What we want”]We want to retail your product for you or with you in Nigerian market and in West African region.

We also want to deploy your technology and equipment in all our area of interests in Nigeria.

We want to assist in adapting your technology to suit Nigerian people – your product flexibility is on its ability to flow with the dynamics of Nigerian way of life. People should not struggle to adapt their way of life to a new technology.

You are able to compete better with both local as well as foreign technologies when you have an in-house experience as guide and this is what we want to provide.[/ts_our_service_style2]

[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style4″ ts_choose_image=”image” image_service=”1795″ ts_service_title=”The Procedures”]Your product page is developed to sell the product as we push the product / technology into Nigerian market on our MarketPlace for premium contents and your free products are placed on our MasterTools page[/ts_our_service_style2]
[themestudio_title title=”Software Export” fontsize_title=”20″ align_title=”text-left”][/themestudio_title]

We found that Nigeria has a great business opportunity in the area of health. So many facilities, ranging from state of arts medical equipment are still lacking in the cities, as well as medical and health software which need to upgrade the health facilities.

We also found that that the issue is on information. Many people do not know that there are better ways of doing things and this we want to assist them with.

We are also very interested in partnering with software providers who have or can provide durable software with minimum features as listed below:

  • Contact Management
  • Invoicing
  • Recurring Invoice Creation
  • Invoice Reminders & Notices
  • Managing Products & Services
  • Accounts
  • Transactions

For software providers, our partnership will have our company, deploy your software in Nigerian market and branded with our brand names so as to protect our business from our clients.

We are partnering to retail the software of our partners around Nigeria.

We are interested on Website hosting, online platforms systems and software for deployment:

  1. Cpanel / WHMCS
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress plugins
  • Joomla Components
  • Joomla Extensions
  • Payment gateways
  • BulkSMS gateways
  • LiveChat gateways
  • Computer Softwares
  • Drivers
[themestudio_title title=”Equipment Export and deployment” fontsize_title=”20″ align_title=”text-left”][/themestudio_title]

Information technology and data analysis equipment importation and deployment is one major area that we are looking at as Nigeria continues developing.

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