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It has been estimated that Information and Computer Technology ICT worth 3.2 trillion Naira would be imported onti Nigeria in 2017, we are poised about this and are quickly embracing this opportunity and to explore capacity beyond Nigeria in bridging this gap.


[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style4″ ts_choose_image=”image” ts_service_title=”Our Terrain”]We are available to take on market feasibility study for any ICT product in and around the Nigerian states, to provide first hand information in area of deployment and customization to suit the unique cultures and ethnic dynamics of Nigerian people and west Africa in general to you because we know this we very well, it is our terrain.[/ts_our_service_style2]
[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style4″ ts_choose_image=”image” ts_service_title=”Deploying Solutions”]In line with the current policies of the federal government of Nigeria, we have been able to develop strategies which work perfectly well within the continent’s regional block.

We want to manufacture ICT equipment in line with best practices and world class standards for Nigeria’s growing ICT industry and would want to garner capacity from partners around the globe.

We also want to import and deploy ICT equipment that have long term stages and manufacturing plant installation processes, for the sector and the vibrant market.

Software and Solutions are also part of the area we are looking at and would be ready to partner with you, if you have what we need in Nigeria.[/ts_our_service_style2]

[ts_our_service_style2 ts_service_style=”style4″ ts_choose_image=”image” ts_service_title=”How we partner”]Under well defined and agreed terms for us, we are fully ready to enhance the penetration of your product into the heart of Africa, increase the market share and monitor growth as everyone benefits, deploying your software, importing your equipment and with the sales handling.[/ts_our_service_style2]
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We have had great partnership with great companies and we are proud to identify with them, succeeding together, you on our mind, that is the best idea!!!

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